Most recently, namely on March 29, 2022, the largest job fair was held in the prosperous country of Armenia. According to statistics, about 30 international companies in Armenia are constantly looking for employees. Visitors of the site could not only get acquainted with the available offers on the labor market, but also take a direct part in the job search. The user can see more than 500 different vacancies of jobs in Armenia to choose from.
Benefits of this event:
• find yourself in the field of work in one day. The massive number of employers made it possible to find out about the vacancy quickly and clearly as possible.
• contacts with top companies in the world. Armenian companies provide additional information on labor conditions in the market;
• we will not lose your resume. What’s need from visitor is fill out the form and send it to vacancies in Armenia. Then the best candidates will be notified by an invitation.
The main representatives and partners at the event were:
• CodeSignal;
• Ameriabank;
• Amadeus;
• Codeex;
• One Market Data.