Vacancies in the field of “Software Development”.

The most common jobs are those who are associated with software development. The software development vacancy in Armenia covers not only the programming, but also testing and periodic maintenance.

Software development takes place in several stages:

  • Research – the development of the project is carried out together with the design. There is a prioritization and orientation towards certain results;
  • Planning – the project develops along with the budget that was used. At this stage, old tasks are deleted, replaced by new ones.;
  • Testing – taking into account the requirements, programmers assemble the software using the recommendations of the customer;
  • Deployment – installation of code ready for the working environment;
  • exploitation – active use and maintenance of the project in the future;
  • Supervision of work – management of unplanned situations.
  • To date, IT companies are actively looking for new qualified positions. Thus, employees can easily find Software Development job in Armenia:

  • senior backend engineer;
  • senior Android developer;
  • senior android engineer;
  • software engineer;
  • senior embedded software engineer;
  • quality engineer.
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