Designer is one of the professions based on creative activity. When looking for design vacancy in Armenia, a designer should rely not on profile education, but on their own taste and experience: artistic design of products, premises, buildings, web pages; the use of various technical tools, ranging from a simple pencil to 3D modeling programs. The work is not only related to IT: the designer can work in any work environment where it is necessary.

Since this is a highly demanded field of activity, finding a job in this field is easy: just leave your resume, and then wait for future applications if your skills suit the employer.

The most demanded professions in the labor market at the moment are graphic designer, web designer, industrial designer, environment designer, interior designer.

The main task of design job in Armenia:

  • models drawing;
  • decoration;
  • creation of a logical structure, forming a general concept;
  • creating an intuitive design;
  • analytics of the work done;
  • introduction of new stylistic ideas and functions;
  • control of the work of related professions.