You can often meet people who have changed more than 10 jobs in their life. In most cases, they have to search for vacancies in Armenia due to various reasons. Finding any job is an easy pace, but finding a good job is a hard way. After all, the workers have to not only take risks, but also start everything from scratch repeatedly.
The following happens consistently in companies: the boss hires a new team of workers, promises high rates compared to the market, and then does nothing
And it is not surprising that many confident people, having got to such employers, lost faith in themselves and buried their potential.
Employers in Armenia take a responsible approach to their choice, so employees do not face such situations and constantly looking for a job among various vacancies from the following prestigious companies related to information technology:
• Synopsys;
• Pixart;
• DataArt;
• Service Titan;
• Miro;
• Epam Systems;
• Disqo;
• English with Laura;
• Ameriabank:
• Inomma;
• Amadeus;
• Yoocollab;
• Quantori and many others